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Update #2

Hi again,

Sheridan came home late this afternoon.  She is very happy to be in her own house and sleeping in her own bed tonight.  She couldn't wait to get home to her brothers.  Sam was waiting for her with her things all set up on the couch.  He watched TV with her and offered to do anything she needed or wanted.  He was so happy to have her home with him and was very reassured to see her.  He worries about her a lot when they aren't together and it was a little hard for him to picture what this surgery would be like.

Her throat is still very sore but we are trying to stay ahead of the pain.  She tried a very thin milk shake (pediasure and a scoop of ice cream) tonight and she seemed to like it.  We are stocked up on Popsicles as well to get through the first few days.  She is amazing!

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